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The Racer's Wedge Racing Team - founded by Stevan Davis in 1977 for the purpose of racing Formula Vees in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).
Stevan is a member of the Atlanta Region of SCCA.

The Team has campaigned 2 Formula Vees (the current one is known as the Racer's Wage) quite successfully since about 1984. During that time, trophies have been picked up for the SEDIV FV Championship many times and the National Championship in 1987 and 1992. In addition, Stevan was selected for the President's Cup Award in 1987 and the Mark Donohue Award in 1992. The team also qualified on the pole at the Championship Runoffs in 4 consecutive years (3 times in FV) from 1990 through 1993 (we were on the FC pole in '93) - finishing on the podium twice in that time. Racing has continued into the new millennium, winning the SEDIV Points race 13 times in the last 16 years, qualifying in the top 5 at the Runoffs 13 times and finishing on the Runoffs podium 7 times. Total FV Runoffs in (of 28 tries) - 3 pole positions, 5 front row starting positions, 7 top three finishes, 12 top five finishes, 18  top ten finishes and 2 National Championships. For a list of all our championship finishes since 1984 click here.

The 2008 racing season brought along a new challenge - I designed and built a totally new car (of course, a Formula Vee).  The Racer's Wage has served it's time, and after 18 years I decided to see if I could improve a few things.  Allan Adderley suggested I use HIS recently designed SILVER BULLET bodywork for the new car and I decided that the time was right.  If you are interested, you can see a detailed report on the process, complete with some running commentary and a LOT of pictures. ... so NOW, I have campaigned THREE Formula Vees and the current one is a Racer's Wedge SB-1, aka Bullet.

Report on the 2019 racing season

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Formula Vee 40th Birthday Celebration in conjunction with Road America June Sprints June 19-22, 2003!!

For more information:

The Driver - Stevan Davis

The Crew - Linda Davis, Jerry Zeger

Our sponsors have helped us to participate all these years. Please drop by to see them and tell them we sent you.

The Tires - Hoosier Racing Tires.
Supported in SEDIV by Appalachian Race Tire 

Hoosier Racing Tire  

The Engine - Cricket Farm Motors - Rollin Butler   

Cricket Farm Motors
FV and other exhaust systems

You might be a racer IF: - humorous ditties from Gary Meeker, past RE San Francisco Region

Tire Size Comparison Calculator


     FV #3 - the Racer's Wedge SB-1 (aka Bullet).  Constructed in 2008 and currently
serving time. Bullet has plans to win the SCCA National Championship before retiring.

(honking through T17 at Sebring)


FV #2 - Racer's Wage - built in '89 to replace the Racer's Wedge that was
destroyed that March at Atlanta Turn 1 (t-bone crash).
The Wage won the SCCA National Championship in 1992.

Still alive and in service, but no longer
associated with Team Wedge Racing.

  First 'ground up' FV - The original Racer's Wedge (RIP 1980-1989) Leads 1986 Runoffs
Steve Oseth and George Fizell follow closely.
(LOOK at that Atlanta crowd!). Th
at Racer's Wedge won the
SCCA National Championship in 1987.
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Jim Belay

SCCA FF2000 competitor - 2001 Van Dieman - Drop by his business website at SouthEastern Environmental Associates Website by a couple of weirdos that also race Formula Vee. :-)
Spruell Motorsport  Alfa Romeo Parts and supplies directly from the foremost Alfa racer in USA history. Spruell Motorsport also sells parts for other selected performance sports cars.
Road Atlanta I race there several times each year - it's my favorite track. The SCCA RUNOFFS� were held there for 24 years from 1970 through 1993.
Fish Frye A couple pix of some newly hatched Koi from our pond - July 2015

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