The 40th Birthday Party is now HISTORY
Gracious thanks to all who helped organize this event - especially
Butch Deer, Bob Lybarger, Bill Bonow and their associated spouses as well as several other
members who put MANY hours into making it happen.

The results are available HERE - nope.. got moved.. working on finding them.

The original invitation is at the bottom of the page and some pix of the event
(made available to the FV communitiy courtesy Bob (Bobcat) O'Connor) follow.

Click on the thumbnails for full size pix.

The Whole Group
There were a lot more people there than this -
the camera wasn't big enough to get them all in.

Canada Corner
Steve Oseth leads Stevan Davis and Brad Stout through Canada Corner with Bill Noble and Mike Kochanski right THERE too!

The Victory Stand
Brad pulls off another win - the Steve's stand to the sides.
FV innovator Jan Brundage holds the Brundage cup presented to the winner of the FV Race!
Presenter (and co-founder of FV) Ray Caldwell is out of the picture.

    If others have pix they would like posted, please forward them to

JUNE 19-21, 2003

This memorandum contains information relative to the Formula Vee Birthday Party celebrationplanned in conjunction with the Chicago Region SCCA June Sprints® , June 19-22, 2003.  There is atest day on Thursday, June 19 which is track sponsored and participation must be arranged directlywith Road America.  Both the Brundage Cup race (SCCA National Competition and equivalent licensed drivers only) and the Vintage Class (SCCA Regional and Vintage Licensed drivers andother approved licenses) race will be the only two races conducted on Saturday afternoon, June 21,2003.  The Brundage Cup, included within the Sprints FV National race, will be the first race of theafternoon with the Vintage Vees the second and last race of the day.  Both classes of FV will have apractice and two qualifying sessions during Friday and Saturday.  The Vintage Race Group will be aRestricted Regional race under a separate sanction number from the June Sprints®.  SCCA andRoad America will provide the usual coverage for liability and participant accident insurance.

The remaining race groups for the June Sprints will be conducted on Sunday, June 22nd.

Anyone wishing to race in the Brundage Cup race must be an SCCA member and have an SCCA National Competition License or an SCCA Dual License (National & Pro).  It is possible to obtain aNational License based upon your personal driving experience and the level of competition licenseyou presently hold; such as an FIA Class C license.  Compliance with this requirement must beestablished in advance.  Please notify Bill Bonow or Bob Lybarger of your status and they will workwith you to obtain your SCCA National License.  A current medical examination will also be needed.

Your car must pass SCCA technical inspection and comply with the current General CompetitionRules and Formula Car Regulations.  

The Vintage Race will require SCCA membership and a competition license from a recognizedvintage organization, an SCCA Regional Competition license or a recognized competition licensefrom another sanctioning body.  Contact Bob Lybarger or Bill Bonow for further licensing information. The acceptable licenses need to be included in the Supplemental Regulations of the June Sprints sowe need your information as soon as possible.


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