Wedge Racing in 2001

Unfortunately, I have fallen woefully behind with my website so I will just describe the 2001 season briefly.

We raced.  We won some. We lost some <g>.

We ran the usual SEDIV races with a couple of Pro Vee races and Mid Ohio thrown in for good measure.  We had the usual season long battle with Donnie Isley for the Division Championship and Donnie won it easily - I came in 2nd in the division.

At the runoffs, we had a similar race to 2000 - qualified pretty well (6th), but couldn't hold our position during the race.  The Wage handled very well on the back side of the course, but just couldn't get down the back straight fast enough to hold off the competition.  We finished 7th after a very tough battle with Jeff Loughead, Greg Schings and Andres Serrano.  Unfortunately, something happened around the keyhole on the last lap (a lapped car), out of my view and when Greg slowed because of it, I hammered him in the rear and spun him around - swapping positions with him in the process.  I apologized for the incident - certainly, it was not intentional.

After the race, I vowed to spend more time in the race shop and engine shop!!  There MUST be more that we can do to improve our competitive stance at Mid Ohio. 

2002 will be a NEW YEAR!!




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